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Rodney McKay

Genius Extraordinaire

Character: Rodney McKay
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Voicemail: 4GENIUS
Room: 514 with Sokka (sarcasm_guy)
Year: Senior
Age: 17

Pre-Fandom Background:

Rodney built an atomic bomb in the sixth grade as a science fair project. Despite the fact that it was just a model, he was questioned by the CIA for hours. Somehow, this lead to his first job and it is after this that he enrolled at Fandom. When the CIA realized that they really didn't want to deal with an obnoxious, anti-social know-it-all, they decided to send him to the conveniently nearby Fandom High School in the hopes that being around people his own age (and from a wide variety of backgrounds) would do him some good and encourage him to mature at least a little bit before they let him work on anymore highly sensitive classified projects. Rodney is so not happy about this turn of events.

Summer 2007 (Session 2)
Monday: Redemption: What a Crock - Ares
Tuesday: Dealing with Stupid People - Lyman
Friday: Applied Ethics: Right and Wrong in Practice B - Jones

Fall 2007
Wednesday: Modern Feminism - Deadpool
Thursday: Ethics - Skywalker
Thursday: Communication - Silent Bob Suresh
Friday: Mathematics - Beaubier

Spring 2008
Monday: Applied Inventiontronics - Glitch
Wednesday: Discovery and Invention - Suresh

Summer 2008 (Session 1)
Wednesday: Galactic Vacationing - The Doctor
Thursday: Flight and Flying - Murdock

Summer 2008 (Session 2)
Thursday: Escape Artistry - Dex
Friday: Surviving Mad Scientists - Igor

Fall 2008
Monday: Physics - Carter (TA)
Thursday: Literature - Bennet
Friday: Phys Ed - Dex
Friday: History in Living Colour - The Doctor

This is a role playing journal for the character Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis. I'm not actually him. You can learn more about Rodney here and the show here. McKay mood theme by meivocis.