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You've reached Rodney McKay but I'm currently doing something much more important than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. If your call concerns the fate of the world, national security or my sex life, then leave a message. If not, stop wasting my time.


Rodney was not happy. Despite his obvious intellectual superiority over the rest of the Physics majors, he lacked the seniority to kick all the idiots out of the lab whenever he wanted to work on something important without their constant interruptions. (In his opinion, everything he was working on was substantially more important than anyone else's projects.) Even after a year, he was surprised that some of these slackers ever got in the department. It seemed as though everyone and their cousin suddenly needed to get all their lab work done at the very end of the semester. Rodney was certain that some of those jokers were going to end up faking their results just to have something to turn in on time. He was severely disappointed in the academic standards of his classmates.

After eyeing the other students suspiciously, Rodney hunched over his computer and added another layer of encryption to his own work. He wasn't taking any chances.

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Room 514, Friday evening

Rodney had quickly come to the logical conclusion that most zombies would be naturally drawn to the superior quality of his brain. Thus, he had spent the day barricaded within his own room.

Well, not exactly barricaded. The bathroom was down the hall, after all.

Actually, he had the door closed and locked with a camera mounted on the outside so that he could monitor the activity in the hallway from his computer. He was well-stocked in snacks and entertainment. Rodney saw no need to venture beyond the fifth floor. Frankly, he thought anyone wandering around was absolutely crazy. Not that this differed from his normal opinion of those surrounding him.

[Anyone walking along the fifth floor hallway might notice the camera. What they choose to do in front of it is entirely up to them.]

Room 514, Friday evening

Rodney led the way into his room carrying the lightest of his sister's bags.

"Okay, I showed you where the girls' bathroom and the common room are, and I'm sure I've got some extra blankets and stuff. What else do you need?"

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Room 514, Monday evening

Rodney was reading the latest article in Advanced Studies in Theoretical Physics (and happily denying that anything unusual had happened over the weekend), when he got an email from his little sister. He opened it without thinking there'd be anything out of the ordinary inside.

from: Jeannie McKay
to: Rodney McKay
date: Mon, Oct 13, 2008
subject: Re: You poor thingCollapse )

Rodney slammed his laptop shut. Apparently, it had all really happened. He could at least take comfort in the fact that he hadn't gotten around to calling his parents, but, for the moment, he was just going to hyperventilate.

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Room 514, Thursday morning

Rodney shifted as he woke up. He was sleeping on his stomach as he usually did, but, for some reason, he was not as comfortable as he generally was in that position.

There was also something tickling his face. He brushed his hand across his cheek to dislodge the curls the were blocking his vision so that he could look at his alarm clock. It was about time to get up, so he rolled over and sat up. He had to push back his hair again as he swung his feet onto the floor.

It wasn't until he was about to stand that he noticed the brand new protrusions on his chest. When he realized he suddenly had breasts, he screamed.

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Room 514, Friday evening (pre-party)

Rodney was killing time by watching Holy Grail and pretending that he thought it might be useful for class. They were using catapults, after all.

He'd practically forgotten the fact that Helen still owed him a date until she'd mentioned it during class that morning. He wasn't quite sure what to expect.

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Wow. I've never actually done one of these before. Yay for me!

And that's probably more than you wanted to know.


Room 514, Wednesday morning

After having to deal with his drunk roommate yesterday, Rodney definitely felt like he deserved a good rest. Thus, he was still sleeping peacefully and remained, for the moment, blissfully unaware of the terror surrounding him.

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Room 514, Friday evening

Rodney was still annoyed over the fact that he'd had to go running this morning. But at least he was getting dinner out of the deal. All week.

At the moment, he was sitting at his desk surfing the web for reviews of the new Ratguy movie.

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